Do Not Let A Drug Charge Ruin Your Life

If you know anything about the potential penalties for a drug conviction, you know they can destroy your future.

If you are convicted of possession of meth, for example, you can face tens of thousands of dollars in fines, plus a prison sentence. If you are convicted of meth manufacture or with intent to traffic, it can lead to hundreds of thousands in fines and decades in prison.

As a criminal law attorney at Jefferson B. Fairchild Law, I have been defending individuals against drug charges since 2001. I will do everything in my power to help you avoid the grim consequences of a drug conviction.

In Drug Cases, No Detail Is Too Small

In drug cases, victory or defeat can be decided on the smallest of details. That is why I examine every element of the government's case against you, including the search warrant, the reading of your Miranda rights, interviews, discovery and affidavits from officers.

I have great respect for law enforcement, but when they make mistakes, I find those errors and protect your rights. My role as a defense attorney is to keep the criminal justice system honest.

Most Drug Cases Settle Before Trial

The majority of criminal cases settle out of court. I prepare each drug case, however, as if it will go to trial. I am a skilled trial attorney and I relish the opportunity to protect my clients' rights.

As a Rogersville native who has practiced law here since 2001, you gain from my knowledge of the legal landscape in Hawkins County and East Tennessee. This includes judges, prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and other attorneys.

Know What To Expect

I pride myself on being a "straight shooter" with my clients. In our first meeting, I will gather information about your situation and begin examining your legal position. From there, I will set reasonable expectations, explain the legal options available and work with you to develop an effective legal strategy.

Have You Been Charged With A Drug Crime?

Are you facing meth charges or another type of drug crime? Drug defense lawyer Jefferson B. Fairchild in Rogersville, Tennessee, represents clients in Hawkins County and East Tennessee. Call me at 423-347-2952 or contact me online.