Gain Control Of Your Legacy

Since the opening of my law office in 2001, individuals and families in the Rogersville, Tennessee, area and beyond have turned to me for legal counsel regarding estates, wills and trusts.

At Jefferson B. Fairchild Law, I provide estate planning for clients in Hawkins County and East Tennessee. No matter how large or small your estate, I will ensure that your wishes can be carried out legally. Legal instruments that I commonly prepare for clients include:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Healthcare proxy

A valid will gives you the power to designate how your estate is distributed and managed upon death. If you die without a will, you run the risk of a court or other estate administrator making decisions that do not reflect your wishes. The failure to have a will also can lead to costly disputes between family members.

Do you already have a will? It is probably a good idea to review it, to make certain it continues to reflect your wishes.

Why Trusts Are Important

Trusts accomplish two things: they help you manage property while you are alive, and they ensure a smooth administration of your assets after you die.

There are two types of trusts: revocable and irrevocable.

Revocable trusts allow you to add or subtract assets to the trust as circumstances change in your life. If a revocable trust fits your needs, I will work with you to fund the revocable trust and ensure that remaining assets "pour over" into the trust upon your death.

When using an irrevocable trust, you are setting aside assets for beneficiaries. Contributions made to irrevocable trusts are no longer accessible to you. Irrevocable trusts often are used to reduce the amount of taxes in an estate.

Do You Need An Estate Planning Lawyer?

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