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Can I move my child out of Tennessee?

Whether you are in the process of divorcing or have been co-parenting with someone else for some time already, you may be wondering if you can move your child out of Tennessee. The answer is, as with many things, "It depends."

For example, if the other parent is on board with the child's move, then it becomes a lot more feasible. However, if the matter comes up before a judge to decide, here are some factors the judge is likely to prioritize:

How to financially prepare for your divorce

Many people who are contemplating divorce in the Rogersville area believe that they do not need to change their financial habits. They may think that because they live in an equitable distribution state, they will receive enough marital property and assets to support their current lifestyle.

Divorces do not always pan out that way, however. When it comes time to divide assets, marital property and award additional funds in a divorce, judges consider the needs, means and contributions of both parties. They also base their decisions on the best interests of any children. Anyone who is thinking about divorcing their spouse should consider the following suggestions on how to prepare their finances first to avoid surprises. 

Workplace dangers: Tennessee fatal injury statistics

Certain industries are more dangerous for employees than others. Those who work in physically demanding jobs such as construction or manufacturing know how physically taxing these industries can be. They likely also know the risks.

However, not all dangers are obvious. It is important for employees to know where the dangers lurk at their job, and looking at workplace safety data can be an important tool.

When do police need a search warrant?

Being confronted by a police officer is always an intimidating and high-stakes situation. What you say next could have huge consequences. However, the police have limitations. If an officer wants to conduct a search of your car, house, office or other property, they may need a warrant to do so. It's important to know your rights and understand how to respond in this situation.

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