Workplace dangers: Tennessee fatal injury statistics

Certain industries are more dangerous for employees than others. Those who work in physically demanding jobs such as construction or manufacturing know how physically taxing these industries can be. They likely also know the risks.

However, not all dangers are obvious. It is important for employees to know where the dangers lurk at their job, and looking at workplace safety data can be an important tool.

The most recent numbers compiled by the State of Tennessee come from 2015. There are several points of interest that stand out, including:

  • There were 112 workplace fatalities across the state.
  • Of those 112 deaths, 47 were caused by transportation accidents, accounting for more than twice as many as any other accident cause.
  • After transportation accidents, injuries caused by another person or animal, contact with objects and equipment, slip and falls and exposure to harmful substances accounted for the other deaths.

This top line data shows that regardless of the industry you work in, transportation is by far the most dangerous aspect of any job. This includes worksites and manufacturing plants.

Digging deeper, we see that excluding traffic accidents, industrial buildings and farms are some of the most common sites for deadly accidents:

  • 18.8 percent of deaths took place at an industrial site.
  • 8 percent took place on a farm.

The reality is workplace accidents can happen anywhere. Many occupations require driving, which is one of the reasons vehicle accidents are a common cause of injury or death.

It’s important for everyone to know the risks of their job, and take the proper precautions to stay safe.

For more information on workplace safety, read the latest Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

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